Same Purpose. Same Passion. Expanded Team...


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Since 1995 Sound Technology Consultants has been serving clients through the creative integration of technology, acoustics and architecture. What started with a single consultant just doing what he loved to do, has grown into the design firm we are today.  As the team expanded and the projects became more challenging, the question we have consistently asked ourselves is how can we add greater value to our clients and the projects they serve?”  As I look back, I can say as the founder of STC, I have been proud of the solutions and service our team has provided over the years. 

But that brings me to today and what will be the next chapter for STC.  In the spirit of the question, “how can we be of greater value”, STC began an exciting journey about a year ago.  I guess you could say it has brought me full-circle.  In 1992, I was one of the founders-along with Craig Janssen-of Acoustic Dimensions in Dallas, Texas. At that time my goals and desires for the work I did were the same that they are today-To holistically design spaces where people come together to share an experience. Craig and I moved fast and hard in those early years and there was fruit from our labor. Yet, having been raised in San Diego and desiring to get back home, I did just that – leaving Acoustic Dimensions and founding STC.  My philosophy has always stayed the same, as did his.  Both companies grew independently, occasionally competing, but for the most part we operated in separate geographies.

Then in 2008, a conversation with Craig led us to consider the possibility of teaming again.  After all, our two groups shared nearly identical values. Most importantly, there was a common vision for the future, one that focused on innovation through collaboration.  As the idea developed and our teams began to interact, the synergy we suspected transformed into energy.

So that brings me back to not only where I began but where our future is going.  As of May 8, 2009 Sound Technology Consultants has merged with Acoustic Dimensions.  We will wear the Acoustic Dimensions name yet much remains the same - our passion, our purpose and especially our people.  I will lead the San Diego office doing what we have done all along.  While some internal dynamics will change, for you- our clients and business partners, there are significant advantages. With the expansion of our team, our ability to collaborate and innovate has increased exponentially. And that has us excited!  I realize you may have some questions, so I want to make myself available to take your call or respond to your emails.  As this new chapter unfolds, please know that we are here to serve and look forward to taking this journey with you.

Best Regards,


Vance Breshears



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